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Work Hardening program

Work Hardening refers to an interdisciplinary program addressing both the psychological and vocational needs of the patient. It addresses the physical requirement such as strength, flexibility, endurance for work with an emphasis on functional outcomes.

We deal with three major elements of Work Hardening
  • Physical job demands
  • Cognitive job demands
  • Psychosocial job demands

In Trillium Rehab, Our specialized rehabilitation team with Occupational Therapist and/or Physical Therapist conducts Work Hardening program, a highly specialized rehabilitation program for clients who are presently out of work, or who are working at less than full capacity due to a recent or long term injury.
It helps

  • Gradual progression in work related activities
  • Psychological Reconditioning
  • Establish proper body mechanics
  • Simulate workplace activities and surroundings in a monitored environment
  • Rebuild psychological self-confidence
  • Physical reconditioning by replicating their work routine
  • Facilitate return to full employment